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Make Sure to Visit the Dentist Every 6 Months for Optimal Oral Health 

You’ve been told for years about the importance of upkeeping proper oral hygiene, but did you know that you should see your dentist every 6 months for routine checkups and cleanings? That’s because your dentist can spot any oral health hazards before they snowball into a bigger problem that requires much more intensive treatment to repair. The consequences of something like tartar buildup, puffy gums, or tooth decay could even lead to losing your natural teeth. For that reason, it’s important to have prompt dental treatment to ward off these oral health concerns that could spell trouble down the road. You should make a point to see your dentist twice per year even if you don’t have symptoms of a problem such as a toothache. 

Why an Ongoing Doctor/Patient Relationship with Your Dentist Is Important 

You should make oral health a priority, even if you have anxiety about seeing the dentist. The irony of waiting to see a dentist because of nerves is that you will ultimately put yourself at risk for needing much more intensive dental treatment to correct your poor oral health because you went too long without a checkup. By maintaining ongoing appointments, you ensure you will keep your teeth healthy, not to mention you’ll have the best bet of keeping your teeth, period. Neglecting these appointments can have consequences you’d likely rather not have to face, so it’s crucial to nip these oral health problems in the bud by seeing your dentist routinely. 

What to Expect at Your First Appointment at Burk Smiles

When you walk into the Burk Smiles office, you can expect to see a clean, modern dental office and friendly faces behind the front desk. We will give you forms to fill out detailing your personal information as well as your dental/medical history. Once you are taken back to the dental chair, our dental assistant will take digital X-rays of your teeth that will be reviewed by a dentist once the exam begins. Your dentist will assess these X-rays as well as perform a visual/digital exam of your teeth and gums to determine whether you need extra dental treatment. Time permitting, you will have a cleaning.

To reach out to Burk Smiles, get in touch online or contact us at (940) 202-7983 today.

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